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September 30, 2018

Make reading aloud to your children part of the daily routine. 
When children are young it comes very naturally to read aloud stories to them. Eventually children learn to read themselves and take pride in this new skill. However, there is so much value in still fitting in time for reading aloud at every age. As a fourth grade classroom teacher I was a daily witness to the  power of shared stories in building our classroom community. Reading aloud was the very best part of our day and we all looked forward to it. It leveled the playing field. It gave students a daily reminder of the pleasure of reading. It gave us inside jokes and a way to talk about complex issues and feelings. 
Whether you are a teacher or a parent, reading aloud gives you the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with your students/children. By making time for reading aloud, you are giving your students/children the message that you value them and reading. 

This series is a popular one in our library. The fourth book, The Last Kids on Earth and the Cosmic Beyond,  just came out this month. We are ordering it for our library. 

The Last Kids on Earth, (2015)
words by Max Brallier and pictures by Douglas Holgate

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Here is a delightful poetry nominee from the RI Children's Book Award list.

I'm Just No Good At Rhyming: And Other Nonsense for Mischievous Kids and Immature Grown-Ups, (2017)
words by Chris Harris and pictures by Lane Smith

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Jerry Pinkney and Gloria Jean Pinkney are an incredibly talented author/illustrator couple coming to the book festival on October 13th. It's difficult to highlight just one title from their extensive body of work. After much deliberation, I have to go with Jerry Pinkney's 2010 Caldecott Honor. 

The Lion and the Mouse, (2009)
by Jerry Pinkney

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We are ordering this new title for our library. Its publication date is October 9th.

The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal, (2018)
by Nick Seluk

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It's only fitting to end this post with a read aloud that will have everyone laughing and enjoying the power of a good story!

Misunderstood Shark, (2018)
words by Ame Dyckman and pictures by Scott Magoon

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